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Time Incarcerated

Sal has been incarcerated for nearly 30 years, and is still sentenced to serve an additional 145 years. 

After being presented evidence for months, six days a week, an impartial, anonymous sequestered jury of his peers, acquitted Sal on 33 counts.  He was found not guilty of the most serious offenses, and only convicted for obstruction of justice and less than $800,000 in money laundering for paying his legal defense team.  Despite the fact he was acquitted of the charges carrying the heavier penalties, the court chose to use the acquitted conduct to enhance the sentence on the lesser charges and sentence him as if he had been convicted on all counts. In addition to the 195 year sentence he is serving, Sal has spent over 15 years in solitary confinement, and is currently housed in the worst prison in the United States, ADX Florence.

#FreeSalMagluta is an effort by his sons and daughter to bring awareness to Sal’s conditions, and combat parts of our justice system that we believe are inhumane and contradict one of our fundamental rights as American citizens. This hashtag along with the Seahawk brand serves as a remembrance to a time outside the countless years in court rooms, visiting rooms and 15 minute recorded phone calls. It is a fight to keep hope alive, and hopefully, one day, get to experience these feelings again by building new memories as a family.

We thank you for your interest and support. Please follow @official_salmagluta for the latest on his conditions.

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